You didn’t know that HELVETICA could…

A brief set by the ‘The MPA Roses Student Design Award’ organized by ‘The Drum’ for all the University students in UK studying in the creative sector.

The highest-ranking animal in the world is a camel called Bert, Bolivia has two capital cities, the shortest man in the world is 22 and half inches… so on and so forth, tell us something about Helvetica we do not know.

There are an array of subjects all having interesting facts. After sifted through all the surprising facts, wanted to move away from the norm. The brief stated that only use of Helvetica was permitted. In my interpretation I opted to give Helvetica human feelings and connotations. The brief was completed out by the creation of flick books and therefore Helvetica actually came to life and could actually cry, smile, wink, jump, wear glasses etc. No one actually knew that Helvetica had emotions!

The first flip-book appeared in September 1868, when it was patented by John Barnes Linnet under the name kineograph (“moving picture”). They were the first form of animation to employ a linear sequence of images rather than circular.

Helvetica Glyphs


Helvetica Faces


Helvetica Face

This flip-book project show a series of ‘HELVETICA’ Characters which vary gradually from one page to the next, so that when the pages are flipped rapidly, the Helvetica characters appear to animate by simulating motion.

Helvetica Flip Book


Helvetica Flip Books


Helvetica Flip Books


Helvetica Flip Books


Helvetica Flip Books


This submission won  Matthew the MPA Roses Student Award in his category. As a result, Matthew have been awarded a placement with the agency True North in Manchester. Further to winning the category, the judges considered Matthew’s submission to be of such high standard that it has been nominated for one of the top student awards.  The outcome was announced at the Roses Advertising Awards  at the Hilton, Deansgate, Manchester, and was awarded another Silver award overall.

Award Night
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