VT Christmas Party Invite

As a yearly event Visual Trends organises an open bar party to friends, clients and suppliers during the Christmas period. It is a very sought after party due to fun and great atmosphere that is created by the people who attend.

This year the task wa sin my hands! It was a very hard job to think outside the box and to create something simple but at the same time it leaves a good impression and perhaps a smile. After a lot of brain doodling the party hat invite came to mind! A party hat is traditionally made of thin paper and is shaped in the form of a crown. The idea was very much welcome internally and within days the cutter was produced in the UK and the invites were printed locally and eventually distributed. The party hats went down well with the receivers in fact a good number of people at the party came wearing the orange VT party hat.


VT – Christmas Party Invite


VT – Christmas Party Invite
By Matthew Farrugia | March, 20, 2012 | 0 comments

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