Due to amount of uprisings and revolutions which took place during 2011 the theme chosen for the yearly Visual Trends calendar reflected the extremely discussed subject. We had seen many revolutions throughout the year which will definitely shape next years events. Its not exactly a reflection of a year, its not necessarily all political revolution either, there are many revolutions happening all around us too. The challenge was to think differently and be as provocative or imaginative as possible and stretch the meaning of it as much as possible.

There were a couple of things which were not allowed:- NO GRAPHIC IMAGERY, NO GORINESS AND NO DICTATORS OR POLITICAL FIGURES were allowed in the artworks. THE REST… was an open brief as usual.

Everyone had his own interpretation of a ‘Revolution’ I decided to go down the route of how music revolutionised itself from the analogue era to the digital media just over a couple of decades.


VTI CALENDAR 2012 Revolution
By Matthew Farrugia | March, 20, 2012 | 0 comments

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