Mutti Advertising Campaign

Mutti is the Number 1 tomato brand in Italy – recommended by Italian Nonnas all over the world! From Tomato Paste, Finely Chopped Tomatoes and Baby Roma tomatoes to Passata.

During my time working at Mangion & Lightfoot the local importer for Mutti comissioned the agency to create a new and fresh advertising approach to strengthen and gain further market share locally. The major unique selling point of the product is that the tomato pulp is totally fresh without any preservatives and additives.

The campaign designed for the product enhanced and underlined its USP by conveying a message of complete freshness.

The minimalist and unique approach throughout the advertising series communicated the creative message to the end user cleary; Mutti uses only tomatoes with no added preservatives. The campaign was adapted to various media both printed and TV. During this campaign I led the creative thought process and also handled the artworks and the photography.


Campaign’s main concept


Bus shelter advertising


Mutti magazine advertising


Advertising Full Set


Mutti newspaper advertising


Bus Shelter Advertising


Video production
Project handled while working as a Senior Designer at Mangion & Lightfoot.
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