iPod Christmas Campaign

SG Solutions assigned Mangion & Lighfoot a task to help increase sales for the third generation iPod Nano during the Christmas period. The message they wanted to get across the general public was that the iPod is the ideal gift for any member in the family. A good number of hours were spent brainstorming and investigating design possibilities. The iPod didn’t need any introduction as it was a very well known product.
Below is our response to the set brief, simple yet stylish and witty as any product from Apple. The concept behind the campaign was that the Nano is the perfect gift under the Christmas tree. The main idea was illustrated by the cord of the headphones.


iPod Christmas Advertising


Bus Shelter advertising


iPod Christmas Magazine Advertising


Project handled while working as a Senior Designer at Mangion & Lightfoot.


By Matthew Farrugia | March, 19, 2012 | 0 comments

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