Grill 3301 – Restaurant Identity

Visualtrends was commissioned to design an up-market design identity for the newest eatery, Grill3301 at the Corinthia Beach Resort, St. George’s Bay.

The restaurant promised a great fine dining experience accompanied by a warm ambiance and stunning views of the bay. The menu included plenty of fresh seafood dishes, a fine selection of meats, including Aberdeen Angus, Wagyu style and Charolais while the wine list covered the regions of Chile, Argentina, Australia, Lebanon, Spain, France, Germany and Italy. All these visual cues were a clear indication where the new identity should incline towards.

The below is our response to the brief set by the client. The design within the word-mark creatively depicts the name of the actual restaurant. The logo designed, alongside the foiling treatment, illustrated a bold and unique distinct identity for the new fine dining restaurant. This unique look and feel was achieved by portraying an elegant red flamed grill linked with the typography. During this assignment Matthew had the role of the lead designer.


GRILL 3301 – Restaurant Identity


GRILL 3301 – Restaurant Identity


GRILL 3301 – Sample Menu Page


GRILL 3301 – Sample Menu Page


GRILL 3301 – Outdoor Menu


GRILL 3301 – Logo Foil Blocking


GRILL 3301 – Promotional Cards


GRILL 3301 – Newspaper Advertising


Project handled while working as a Senior Designer at Visual Trends
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