A View From the Bridge

Produced by the Manoel Theatre and The Malta Drama Centre
Directed by Albert Marshall

The theatrical production by Arthur Miller’s ‘A View From the Bridge’ is a  fiercely compelling drama about love, belonging, and betrayal.

The events in ‘A View From the Bridge’ take place in the 50s in Brooklyn, New York, where Eddie Carbone (Manuel Cauchi), an Italian American longshoreman, lives with his wife Beatrice (Ninette Micallef) and his 17-year-old niece Catherine (Stephanie Bugeja), for whom he has an obsessive fixation.

The story starts unravelling when Eddie and Beatrice try to hide Beatrice’s two cousins in their house while they work in America illegally to send money home … but what happens when Catherine falls in love with one of them? Will Eddie and Beatrice survive their relationship?

The story is all plotted around a series of events by the two Italian immigrants while they settle in the suburbs of Brooklyn. The poster design portrays a feeling of the era and it also gives a hint of the two main protagonist in the story. The overall image is a heavily manipulated montage consisting of several de-saturated images to create the feel of the look and feel of the period.


A View from the bridge – Poster


Project handled as a freelance commission.
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