• HMS Stubborn (DSD_1351)

      HMS Stubborn

      In April 1945 the HMS Stubborn sailed into Malta for the first time en route to the Suez. It was at this phase of duty that Stubborn suffered its worst attack of the war and lost her complete tail fin which held the aft hydroplanes and rudder. Read More

    • P29 (9483)

      P29 Patrol Boat

      The 51 metre Condor Class patrol boat was scuttled on 14th August 2007. A relatively new wreck which will require some time to attract marine life Read More

    • The Tug Boat Rozi (5052)

      The Tug Boat Rozi

      The Tug Boat Rozi is now lying intact except for its engines and propeller in an upright position in about 34 metres of water. The Tug Boat Rozi is one of the most popular wrecks with visiting and local divers. Read More

    • Diver exploring the MV Imperial Eagle (9791)

      MV Imperial Eagle

      Imperial Eagle was registered under other names prior coming to Malta. When first launched in 1938 until 1947 she was named "New Royal Lady”, than in 1948 as "Royal Lady" and thereafter until 1958 as "Crested Eagle".  Read More

    • The Chimney (4776)

      Um El-Faroud

      The vessel measures 109.53 meters in length, its beam is 15.50 meters and the height of the vessel from keel to funnel top is approximately 22 meters. This vessel is a single screw motor tanker. Read More

    • MV Odile (8645)

      MV Odile

      The wreck is that of the Italian freighter MV Odile bombed during the Second World War. It is broken up facing North West and lying on her port side, the wreck can be penetrated but only for very experienced divers with the right equipment. Read More

    • Maori Wreck - Malta (9551)

      HMS Maori

      Malta's most famous and historical wreck, this World War II destroyer was launched in 1937 and saw considerable action in her life, including valuable assistance with the defense of Malta. However, in 1942 she received a direct hit as a bomb exploded in her engine room whilst in the docks. Read More