• VT - Christmas Party Invite

    VT Christmas Party Invite

    Every year a designer is selected to create an innovative invite which has the prime scope to invite the guest but also send along a visual pun on what a bunch of good creative people we are. Read More

  • Valletta Cruise Port Christmas Invite

    Valletta Cruise Port Christmas Invite

    The iconic coloured warehouses doors at the Valletta Waterfront represent the storage of goods from days past, with blue for fish, green for produce, yellow for wheat and red for wine Read More

  • Time

    Time [VT Calendar 2011]

    Don't count every minute in an hour, make every hour in the day count. Read More

  • MADC Centenary Invite


    MADC organised a Gala Dinner celebrating the 100 years of operation from when they were founded. On this special occasion MADC commissioned Visual Trends to design an invite which is memorable and effective while most  Read More

  • Environmental issues [
VT calendar 2010]

    Environmental issues [VT calendar]

    The artwork below is in response to the yearly theme set for the Visualtrends calendar. The calendar which is now in its 6th edition is very popular with its recipients and yearly we get requests  Read More

  • A View From the Bridge

    A View From the Bridge

    The theatrical production by Arthur Miller's ‘A View From the Bridge’ is a fiercely compelling drama about love, belonging, and betrayal. The events in ‘A View From the Bridge’ take place in the 50s in Brooklyn, New York. Read More

  • Revolution


    Due to amount of uprisings and revolutions which took place during 2011 the theme chosen for the yearly Visual Trends calendar reflected the extremely discussed subject. We had seen many revolutions throughout the year which  Read More