• Red Bull Advertising Campaign

    Red Bull Advertising Campaign

    The concept behind our advertising campaign submitted was to compare various elements to the contained energy in the can. The campaign suggests that Red Bull makes the impossible possible due to its diverse connotations through various elements of energy such as; electricity, dynamite and electrochemical cell energy. Actually none of these are present but they are represented by the manipulated can.  Read More

  • Mutti Logo

    Mutti Advertising Campaign

    Mutti is the Number 1 tomato brand in Italy – recommended by Italian Nonnas all over the world! From Tomato Paste, Finely Chopped Tomatoes and Baby Roma tomatoes to Passata. During my time working at Mangion  Read More

  • iPod Nano Christmas Campaign

    iPod Christmas Campaign

    SG Solutions assigned Mangion & Lighfoot a task to help increase sales for the third generation iPod Nano during the Christmas period. The message they wanted to get across the general public was that the  Read More

  • Sure Deodorant Advertising Campaign

    Sure Deodorant Advertising Campaign

    The objective was simple! ‘Sure’ wished to bring 250,000 women back into the ‘Sure for women’ brand. To fulfill this objective, a campaign was required to make women reappraise the brand and think that it is the UK’s No.1 deodorant protection against sweating and odor that women can buy. Read More

  • Honda Logo

    Honda Accord Launch Campaign

    The main thought behind the creative design was focused around the shift gear lever. The gear numbers where reversed to form a count down. The all new Honda accord, this concept was implemented on various media from invites to press packs to presentations and also advertising. Read More