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I do not know Matt professionally. I know him as a fellow pleasure scuba diver mostly during club dives. What I can say is that I am always truly amazed what he is able to produce when taking underwater shots. Yes he has some lovely equipment but he sure knows how to get the very best out of it and many of his photos are pretty impressive. Keep it up Matt and  see you down under soon!

Henry Cassar


Matthew is a solid performer who keeps his cool in pressure situations delivering professional work with minimal fuss. A pleasure to work with.

Phelim Cavlan
M.Sc., Occupational Psychology, M.Sc. [Ed.], Computer Based Learning,
B.Sc.(Hons.), Psychology

Magazine Project – Coordinator


I know Matt both socially and professionally. He is a great person to work with as well to hang out with! His attention to detail is greatly reflected in his photography, work as well as his diving. Matt is constantly on the go and carries with him a high level of professionalism in anything he does! In all honesty it is a privilege being his friend and colleague.

Frankie Inguanez
B.Sc.IT (Hons), Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
Database and Software Consultant / ICT Lecturer


Matthew worked with us at True North summer 2007. During his time with us he worked producing concepts for The Lowry (Exploding Pictures), The National Federation of Spiritual Healers, Hillarys Blinds, Royal Mail and National Portrait Gallery.

I have been very impressed with the quality of his work, his enthusiasm for graphic design and his contribution to the studio by being fun to have around. I do have one criticism, however, and that is that he never once made the tea.

Yours sincerely
Alan Herron
Creative Director at True North (Manchester)


Matthew is a likable and engaging person who settled into the final year of our course with enthusiasm and made a good contribution to the year group. He made friends and gained the respect of peers and teaching staff quickly and within a few weeks had adjusted to English culture and that of the course. He showed an immediate initiative in finding out about art and design events in the region and nationally making an effort to visit as many as possible.

During a study trip to New York he and his colleague displayed great enthusiasm for all the cultural and professional events organised and also took the initiative to set up their own visit to Pentagram. These experiences were used to good effect in his development as young designer.

Matthew’s work was both creative and competent displaying inventiveness and a very strong aesthetic. In addition to this his technical skills and ability in related areas such as Photography were impressive. The commitment and ability he displayed gained him a well earned First and successes in competitions.

Matthew is quite an intense and pensive person – this being a reflection of the seriousness with which he views his design work – he is nonetheless always a pleasure to work with. Myself and other tutors found him respectful well mannered whilst displaying excellent personal communication skills and the ability to work with others.

Yours faithfully
Tim Fabian
Programme Leader
BA (Hons) Graphic Design
University of Lincoln (UK)


I am exceptionally pleased to be able to give you a reference for Matthew. He was one of the best students in his year and will, I am sure, be an asset to your company.

Matthew was an exceptionally mature, enthusiastic and talented student who worked as well with other students in his year as he did alone. He was popular amongst his peer group and has produced work to a consistently high standard throughout his final year.

Throughout this third year I have asked the students to meet higher and higher standards, both within the workload they are dealing with and the level of sophistication in their solutions and presentations. Matthew has always met these targets, and indeed excelled them time and time again, graduating as one of the strongest students in his year.

During the end of year assessments, Matthew’s portfolio was singled out by the external assessors as being one of the best examples of student achievement – his design solutions were informed by strong research, exploration and experimentation.

I have had the greatest pleasure in teaching him. He was one of the students that were fundamental to making his year so successful for all concerned. I would strongly recommend him to you and wish him every success in the future.

Yours faithfully,
Barrie Tullett
Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design
University of Lincoln (UK)


Matthew Farrugia was employed with MAS Communications for approximately a year occupying the post of ‘Graphic Designer’. His handle on graphic applications was of a good standard and his creative output pleasantly developed over his time here.

He displayed a keen interest in his work and in how he interacted with his peers. He also became more assertive and responsible as he got accustomed to his environment.

It is with regret to see him leave, but sincerely wish him all the best as he pursues other interests.

Yours sincerely,
Marc Spiteri

Managing Director
MAS Communications
A LOWE worldwide affiliate


I have known Mr. Matthew Farrugia (I.D. 388784 M) for several years. In this period Mr. Farrugia worked part-time with Public Broadcasting Services Ltd operating the Inscriber for the News Bulletins of P.B.S. Ltd.

In his work Mr Farrugia always distinguished himself by diligence, thorough preparation, an eye for detail and precision of output. He also proved to be very creative and resourceful when necessary. He always maintained excellent relations with our staff and reached his deadlines in good time.

His product was indeed an added value to our schedule.

Sylvana Cristina
News Manager & Registered Editor
Public Broadcasting Services Ltd.


Mr Matthew Farrugia (ID card number 388784 M) has worked for our company Global Language Solutions Limited since November 2004 as a freelancer.
During that time, Mr Farrugia supported our DTP and Graphics team in editing product and engineering drawings as well as in DTP of multilingual manuals for products like personal computers, laptop computers, servers, and consumer electronics. Among our clients, there are MAXDATA AG, Sony, Samsung, and many more.

Mr Farrugia has always been very reliable, committed, and accurate in his work. He has demonstrated professionalism and proven to be a good teamplayer.
We hope that Mr Farrugia will continue working for us as a freelancer during his stay abroad and are considering to offer him a fixed employment upon his return to Malta.

Florian Trachtler
Senior Manager Client Services & Training
A German based company in Malta


The MCAST Institute of Art and Design offers programmes of study from level 1 to level 5 (HND) on the revised (UK) NQF levels. These courses are approved by Edexcel BTEC and are identical in content, outcomes and certification to the courses delivered in the U.K. National Standards Sampling and final examinations are regularly carried out by Edexcel’s external examiners who visit Malta twice yearly.

Matthew Farrugia was a full-time student of the MCAST Institute of Art and Design between September 2002 and July 2005. During this time, Matthew successfully completed his one-year full-time Foundation Studies in Art and Design in 2003. His Foundation Year final major project in Graphic Design consisted of a sensitively handled volume of abstract art imagery based on ‘found typography’ for which he was awarded a Merit. Matthew also completed his two-year full-time Higher National Diploma in Graphic Design with equal success.

Matthew is now interested to progress with his studies on a BA Hons programme which MCAST does not yet offer. I am confident that his enthusiasm for the subject together with the knowledge and experience he has acquired to date, (including his competence with computer software applications) will help him secure a place on a degree programme abroad.

Donald Friggieri
MCAST Institute of Art and Design

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